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How do you act in a Japanese Beer Garden? What about how to properly eat with chopsticks? Ever accepted a business card with two hands?

Our Tips playlist can help you learn how to act, behave, and live in Japan without acting too much like a gaijin.

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Keat and Kyle do a lot while in Japan, and if you've ever wanted to see what their days are like, this playlist is perfect.

Follow Keat or Kyle (or both) as they are followed on their day-to-day activies...with the exception of some select activities.

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Are you a ferroequinologist? (In English, that's a 'fan of trains') If so, this playlist is for you! Kyle explores his love of trains and explores different Japanese trains, from local shuttles to the famous Shinkansen. This playlist is nothing but trains, trains, and trains!

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Japan is full of wonderous places, and we take you on the trip around Japan to temples, shrines, unique buildings, beaches, and mountains.

It'll be like having your own travel show on Youtube!

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There's plenty of food in Japan, and it's usually a lot different than other parts of the world. In Japan-o-food, we explore different places in Japan with unique food, and even make some ourselves!

Want to learn how to make Onigiri? How about Gyudon? We help you learn how to make these delicious dishes in your own home!

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We like to put ourselves in a cartoon world! No, really we want to tell some stories about what happened, but blog posts and text can only do so much. Therefore, we turn to comics to tell our stories!


Japan is full of unique foods, and many of them can be made in the home! In our Recipe set, we show you how to make yummy Japanese dishes in your own kitchen

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Sometimes we post things that don't fall under one of the above categories. That's when we'll put it under "Everything Else". Random blog posts, rants, interesting things that we want to talk about; it's all here.