Rain is a constant in Japan, and it can be pretty bad. Especially if you get drenched from above, and one of your students hear something they weren't supposed to!

Keat makes Gyudon, a simple beef-and-rice donburi, with shabushabu beef. Not in Japan? No worries - we cover how to make this in America too!

Easy? Check. Delicious? Check. Fast? Check. Oyakodon means "Parent and Child" (chicken and egg). This has to be one of the best, and simplest, recipes we've ever done, and one of our favorites!

Apparently, if you look like a movie star, you're obviously from the same place...or something like that

It's huge! It's ginormous! It's...THE MEGAMAC!


Hiya! We're Keat and Kyle, and we make videos about our experiences while living in Japan, including food, travel, destinations, trains, and more!

Get to know our two kitties, Chi and Maru, and what they like!

Why is 2/22 known as "Cat Day" in Japan? Aside from their obsessive Cat culture, there is one main reason!