Day 2 of our Hanami Trip in Tokyo consists of Tokyo Station, Hamarikyu Gardens, and....Shake Shack?

A vending machine by our apartment had a Pokemon drink, so we decided to try it

It was a good day...for frogs. Kyle found a frog, Keat freaked out, Kyle became covered in mud.

For Hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing) Season, we visit many landmarks in Tokyo. Today: SkyTree!

We found some pre-made burgers (and some neat sandwiches) at our local grocery store, so we thought we'd try them out!


Hiya! We're Keat and Kyle, and we make videos about our experiences while living in Japan, including food, travel, destinations, trains, and more!

Get to know our two kitties, Chi and Maru, and what they like!

Go to 7-Eleven with a budget of 1000 yen, and find some interesting surprises!