McDonald's American Series [Review]

McDonald's American Series [Review]

Published on November 3 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
At the start of November, McDonald's Japan offered (again) something very interesting: an "American" series of burgers and meals. On a (semi) whim, and with our friend Erick, we try these new burgers and a side item.

American Series with Beef and Chicken

The primary items of the new menu are the "Deluxe Cheese Beef" and "Deluxe Cheese Chicken." Keat tries the Beef while I and Erick try the Chicken.

Our result: AMAZONG! (yes, that's typed wrong on purpose) While not completely "American", the flavor was actually a lot more than what is usually expected in Japan. The Beef and Chicken both had great flavor, with a slight hint of spice from something. Although a bit bigger than the standard burgers in Japan (if you can find them), they were actually worth the ¥490 yen each (or ¥790 for a set, including a side and drinks).


In an odd turn-of-events, these burgers actually have actual pickles! In Japan, the typical pickle is the small, sweet kind, or other items offered as "pickled" (as "pickling" is actually a common practice around Japan).

However, these pickles were the same kind that are offered in America - the vertically cut, dill pickles, which was quite a surprise.

Potato Jason
Jason Danielson, aka "Atsugiri Jason" or Potato Jason


Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the guy in the image is none other than the wildly famous Jason Danielson (aka: Atsugiri Jason [translates: "Extra-thick Jason"] or Potato Jason). While he's originally from Michigan, he moved to Japan in 2005, returned in 2011, and found his fame on a New Year's Comedy TV Special in 2014. If you have absolutely no idea who he is, you can watch his special here and L[Y]AO! More info from SoraNews24, JapanTimes, and (Japanese) Wikipedia Page.

The Big Ad

Side Item: Deluxe Cheese Potato (bites)

Japan doesn't know "fries" or "bites" - they call potato items as they are: "potato". (French Fries are known as "potato", and these bites are called "potato" - how you/they tell the difference, we don't know.) At ¥190 ($2), you get 5 little "bites" that seemed like mini potato/cheese tater tots/hashbrowns. They were good, but the flavor wasn't as surprising as the burgers/chicken. Worth it? Maybe to try, but not again.


Overall, the burgers were worth it. Although a bit expensive at $5 each, they had quite the surprise that we really liked. The side item, the Deluxe Cheese Potato (bites) were good, but not worth the $2.

Full press release: McDonalds Japan
Images from: McDonald's Japan Campaign Page