Trying McDonalds' Halloween Fries

Trying McDonalds' Halloween Fries

Published on November 8 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
In what is going to be a first in a long line of "Only in Japan" videos, we try McDonalds' Halloween Fries! All during October, McDonalds has been advertising these special fries to celebrate the fun festival of Halloween (we'll post our Halloween video in Shibuya soon).

99% of the advertisements in Japan have been for the Pumpkin sauce, which does look appetizing. However, when we decided to order our own version, we also discovered that there was a Sweet Potato sauce, called the "Witches Brew", so we tried both. (Japanese Sweet Potato is really a great little gem, and can be used in almost anything!) Honestly, since we're still learning Japanese, I thought the posters for the Sweet Potato version was just a faded version of the Pumpkin one (since the sauce was in the exact same position - they should really change those posters up.)

Each box of fries cost ¥320 (tax included), so about $3.20, which is pretty expensive for just a box of fries. However, aside from the really cool dispensing container, we did find out that the special fries are less salted than regular fries.

In our experience, the Sweet Potato sauce was almost too sugary, and tasted like doughnut icing. The Pumpkin sauce was a good balance of sweet and flavorful, but the one thing we did dislike was the look of the fries after the sauce (and chocolate sauce) was mixed up - it didn't look very appetizing.

Bonus Material: I also (re)try a Shrimp Burger, which has to be one of my favorite things to get from a Japanese McDonalds.