Typhoon Malou

Typhoon Malou

Published on September 8 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: days
In less than a week, we're already being hit by another typhoon; this time, it's Malou (however you say it).

Our last typhoon posting was a bit anti-climatic (some may even call it clickbait). For that, we apologize, but it was still an awesome video! This time, Malou seemed to fizzle out.

Various news agencies reported on Malou hitting Okinawa (like Western Pacific Weather, Mainichi, The Watchers, The Nation, and even NHK), and the strong system that was heading our way, so we were expecting to stay in all day, especially since Keat's school canceled the day!

We kept a close eye on the tracking sites (like Accuweather Minute-by-minute, Accuweather's Japan Radar, and even the Japan Meteroligical Agency) to see when (and if) Malou would hit.

Well, somewhere near the southeastern coast, it seemed to fizzle out. We got a lot of rain (see the latter part of the video), so we couldn't let the laundry dry, but we were prepping for the worst, just in case it happened.

On a related note, there was an M4 earthquake yesterday which shook the apartment a bit. Chi slept through it while Maru shook around, but no damage happened. In that case, I guess you could say we avoided a catastrophe!