Typhoon Lan!

Typhoon Lan!

Published on October 29 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: days
It may have taken a while for us to get a Typhoon on camera, but no longer is the case! We have Typhoon Lan hitting us and we get what we can on camera.

October 22

The typhoon is coming! We get a lot of messages saying that evacuation centers are being set up, and a lot of messages of sediment erosion warnings and mudslides.

October 23, 6AM

The eye is over Tokyo and we get a lot of wind and rain. The train services are suspended (so I can't get into work), and we're waiting on whether or not we still have to go into work! (Spoiler, we do)

October 23, 7:30AM

We get the official notification that school is still being held, although students aren't going in. Keat went into school while I was called by my school that I could take the day off. Yay.

October 23, 3:30PM

The typhoon has passed, and we are safe. Keat is still at school, and no damage on our end. After all of the reports came in, the typhoon claimed 7 lives across Japan, so it wasn't great. With Typhoon Saola coming soon, we hope that it will pass without claiming any additional lives.

Long story short: we survived, although a bit shaken. Onto the next day!