Things I found in Japan!

Published on March 21 2016
Posted by: Keat
Segment: food
So, as most of you (the followers) know by now, I am in Japan. I am currently staying in the city of Mito-shi, in Ibaraki-ken for my job training, and I have had a few days just to wonder around the city and explore some areas. I have managed to cobble together a couple of food items that we are going to look at in this video. We have a sweet, corn pop like snack, a pack of Pringles, Sake flavored Kit-kats, and Sakura Pepsi. For those of you that so not know, it is sakura (cherry blossom season) here in Japan, so there are a lot of sakura flavored and themed items floating around. I am hoping to find a few more food items that we can explore together!!!! But for now, enjoy the food!!!