There's a Railway Village in Japan

Published on February 25 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: trains
So there I was, watching Japan Railway Journal on NHK, learning about the newly opening Shinkansen to Hokkaido, and what comes on? A Railway Village in Hokkaido, called Mikasa Railway Village.

Okay, cool. It's got a lot of real trains on display, and a lot of cool things to learn. But the best part of everything? YOU GET TO DRIVE A TRAIN! That's right, you can drive a train!

According to the program, after a brief training session, you get on a steam engine (guided by an expert), and drive it (all of the levers and pistons available) about 450 meters. Then backwards, which seems a bit challenging, but fun nonetheless.

This is definitely something I want to do - probably for a birthday or something. Not a big fan of Hokkaido, but I may just make an exception in this case.

Details on Mikasa Railway Village:

This may be the first entry in the "Trains Segment", but it will not be the last!