Pikachu ChocoBanana McFlurry!

Published on July 14 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
While eating at a pizza place in Sawara, we walked across the street to McDonalds and wanted to get a McFlurry dessert. Upon walking in, I saw a Pikachu item on the menu, and had to order it.

It was a ピカチュウチョコバナナマクフウリ (I think, my katakana may be a bit off), or for those that can't read Japanese: Pikachu ChocoBanana McFlurry! (Yes, exactly as that.)

This is our experience of it. It was actually quite good, like chocolate chips mixed with banana pudding. For ¥270, I'd say it's worth it, although I wish the size was a little bigger.