Happy Cat Day!

Published on February 22 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: Everything Else
Today is February 22nd, which means that Japanobloggers may know it as "the day before Kyle's birthday." But on another reason, it's known as Cat Day!

Why? Well, the number 2 is pronounced as "ni" in Japan, and if you say "ni ni ni" (2-2-2), it's relatively close to "nyan nyan nyan", which is the sound that cats make in Japan, which kinda makes it "meow meow meow day."

"Cat Day" was first celebrated in 1987, so this year marks 30 years! WHOO! And you know how we feel about cats!

Japan has a bunch of celebrity cats, such as:

And who can forget...

While cats may rule Japan, it's important to know that Japan also has other important holidays (like Pantsu Day (August 2), Grandpa Day (February 2), and Smell Day (February 1)). Yes, Japan has a lot of weird holidays, but we don't get school off for these...