Conveyor Belt Sushi!

Conveyor Belt Sushi!

Published on November 30 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
Keat and I try a kaiten-zushi restaurant, which serves sushi on conveyor belts. There are many places like this around Japan and the world, but this is our first one together.

Kaiten-zushi places are kind of unique; instead of ordering off of a menu and having it brought to you, you just pick what you want off of the conveyor belt and pay by the plate (usually ¥100 per plate).

However, there were two things that really surprised us about this place:
  1. There was more to the food than just sushi. We saw pineapple, pie, cake, and other odd non-sushi items, which was really weird, and
  2. You could use your plates to play games and win gachupon!

We had never seen anything like that: using your plate (which you're already paying for) and get some entertainment while you ate. Honestly, it was kind of fun!

We give this restaurant, Muten Kura Sushi (Naritatsuchiya), a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was good for the price (we spent about ¥2150 between the two of us), and only rate the last half-star based on the noise factor, but that was probably due to our timing. If you're in Narita, hop on over near the mall and visit this place. We'll provide details at for your information.

Regardless, places like this are fun, and if you get a prize for eating, it's even more fun!