Our Welcome Video

Our Welcome Video

Published on January 11 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: Everything Else
Yaho! (That's an informal "Hi" in Japanese.) Keat and I welcome our viewers and fans and discuss some more personal items. Mainly it's like a public FAQ. Yeah, that's it.

There were a few things discussed in our video, and I want to provide a more in-depth discussion to the stuff talked about.

First off, we introduce the kitties. You can see their own blog post (and more about them) at http://japanoblog.com/say-hello-to-the-nekos.

Where are we from?

Next, we are both from NC. We were both born and raised in NC for the past 3 decades, and we're hoping to get to Japan soon. Real soon. Like, within 6 months. *crosses fingers* We are located in Waynesville, NC, right now, which is about 30 minutes west of Asheville. If you don't know where that is, just look at a map of NC and look in the left triangle part - you're pretty much there.

We both grew up in Raleigh (the state's capital), but came to the mountains in 2005 to go to college - Western Carolina University (in Cullowhee, NC), and just kinda settled in the area. But we are getting tired of the area, so instead of moving to another part of NC, we're just pulling up our roots, and taking the risk to move to Japan, and across the world.

How did we get to Waynesville?

While we were both at WCU, we obtained degrees in Entrepreneurship, which means that we can start and run our own small businesses. It's always been a passion of mine, and Keat picked it up a little later. We also picked up some minors in Japanese, so we can read, speak, and write very basic Japanese. Why Japan? Mainly for the immersion process, but we'll discuss that in another video.

I've already been to Japan for 2 week as part of a class project back in 2008 - take a look at my photos at http://japanoblog.com/photos-from-japan.

What do we do in our free time?

For one, we're both authors. Our books are available at http:/lunar-productions.com. Also, check out our author sites: http://kylemperkins.com and http://nikobrooks.com.

Keat draws anime-style, and really enjoys it. She'll post some comics and art based on our adventures.

Me? I like to code (including this website). HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, bash, etc. The list goes on. I also teach coding classes during the week.

Keat likes to shoot archery, and no, it's not just because of the recent movies, like the Hunger Games, although she is a fan. She's had an interest in archery way before the archery-heavy movies came out.

We also like to participate in Medieval Reinactments, known as the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA for short (sca.org). The SCA is a worldwide organization that basically relives the 6th-16th century medieval european times. Kings, Queens, Knights, and other items. It's not the Ren. Fair, because at the Ren Fair, you just watch the events. In the SCA, you are part of the events - that's right, you actually swing the swords, shoot the arrows, brew beer (yes, you can brew beer - it was a medieval thing), and actually participate in the events. These events happen probably 1x/month, so it's not too time-constraining.

When did we meet?

The two of us actually met in 1998 in middle school (yeah, that long ago) and became friends. Then, went to different high schools, and met back up in college in 2005. From there, a relationship almost instantly happened, and we finally got married in 2014. Basically, we have a 16+ year history.

We'll cover our dating story and our wedding videos in future posts and videos.

That's pretty much it.

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Until next time!