How to make Gyudon

How to make Gyudon

Published on April 11 2017
Posted by: Keat
Segment: food
Gyudon is a simple beef-and-rice donburi, and it's really easy to make at home. Today, Keat makes it in our tiny Japanese kitchen, and brings you along for the ride.

If you want to see the video that we learned how to do this from, here you go: Cooking with Dog Gyudon.

List of ingredientsServes 2
400 grams of shabushabu/thinly sliced beef.
*make sure that it is very lean
1 whole onion-sliced.
4 tbsp soy sauce (regular or low sodium is fine).
2 tbsp Sake
2 tbsp sugar (regular or brown sugar).
2 tbsp Mirin
200 ml of water
1 tsp granulated Dashi
2 eggs (for onsen tamago)
Steamed rice

Optional Toppings
Beni Shoga-Japanese pickled ginger (optional)
Shichimi: 7 flavored chili spice (Keat's favorite!)
Scallions (Kyle's favorite!)

Gyudon is a beef bowl dish that is apart of the donburi family. (See our Oyakodon video.) Again, a donburi is something that is over rice. Now, let's get cooking!!

Step 1: Boil the water for the onsen tamago. Pull the pot off the heat and place the eggs into the hot water. Let them cook for 20 minutes. When they are done cooking, drop the eggs into an ice bath.

Step 2: Parboil the beef until it looses its red color. Once the red color is gone, pull the beef out of the water and set aside.

Step 3: Slice the onion! Watch out for tears!!

Step 4: Put the soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar together in a pot. Mix them together and heat it up.

Step 5: The beef now goes back into the pot to coat it with the sauce. Once that is done, the meat comes back out. Set it aside.

Step 6: Put the granulated dashi broth into hot water and let it dissolve. Then, dump the dashi stock into the pot with the rest of the sauce and mix it all together. Heat it up!

Step 7: Put the onion into the pot, cover, and cook for 5 minutes. You want them softer, not mushy. Mushy onions=bad eats.

Step 8: After 5 minutes, the meat goes back into the pot. You are just warming the meat back up (Since you already cooked the meat). Mix both meat and onion together.

Step 9: YOU ARE DONE!! Serve the meat, onions, and sauce over a bowl of warms rice. Crack open one onsen tamago and put that into the bowl. Garnish with any toppings that you want. ENJOY!!

If you do this at home, let us know, share your photos, and tag us! We love hearing from our fans.