How to make Tamago [Kake] Gohan (Rice and Egg)

How to make Tamago [Kake] Gohan (Rice and Egg)

Published on February 6 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
Tonight on Japan-o-food, I make Tamago Gohan (aka: Tamago Kake Gohan) - or for those of you that can't translate Japanese, it literally means "Egg Rice Dish". This has to be one of the simplest dishes to make.

(We had to look up the official name, because we just knew "Rice and Egg".)

If you ever want a simple dish where you only do about 5% of the work, this is great. Want to add toppings? Go ahead! Want to make a side dish for a large meal? This is great! The options are limitless.

In this video, I make my own version of "Rice and Egg Dish".
Ingredients3/4 cup of rice
1.5 cups of water

Optional toppings:
Toasted sesame seeds
Spicy sauce
1-2 green onions, chopped (The one I use is really big)
Ponzu sauce

DirectionsWash the rice until the water is mostly clear. Add about 1.5-2x water to rice ratio.
(Recommended: Let the rice soak for about 30 minutes for more flavorful rice)
Cook the rice.
(Recommended: Let the rice sit for about 30 minutes)
When the rice is done, scoop into a bowl and make a divot in the middle.
Add egg. That's it!
Top with your favorite toppings and serve

Keat and I have made this dish many, many times, because it's so simple and easy to make (and there's not that much prep or cleanup to do).

Are there any other dishes you guys would like us to make and do a video of? Have you tried this recipe yet? Let us know in the comments!