We try Tantrum Habanero Pepper Rings

We try Tantrum Habanero Pepper Rings

Published on August 20 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
Hello Japan! We've finally moved in and are settling (see our other videos as well), and we thought we'd christen the trip by picking up a bag of spicy "Tantrum Habanero" Pepper Rings (we thought of the "rings" part). Don't worry, we have a supply of milk on standby.

While Keat was in Japan by herself, she saw this strange bag with an angry pepper on it, took a photo, and shared it to Facebook while tagging me in it, so I knew I needed to try it. Well, we saw it in the local grocery store and picked up a bag.

How'd they turn out? I'm not going to tell you here! Watch the video to find out.

Also, special thanks to Pepper Palace (pepperpalace.com) for creating/distributing the Flashbang sauce. Although they didn't sponsor the video, we'd appreciate a sponsorship.....please? Anyway, the Flashbang sauce is awesome if you want a gigantic kick of spice, and worth all $20. (Get your own at your local shop, or online; again, worth every penny)

We're working on other videos as we settle in to Japan some more, so look out for more videos to come!