Hanami in Tokyo - Day 3: Tsukiji, Akihabara, and Ueno Park!

Hanami in Tokyo - Day 3: Tsukiji, Akihabara, and Ueno Park!

Published on August 3 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: tours
(This picks up from Day 2 where we visited Tokyo Station, Hamarikyu Gardens, and Shake Shack)


Our Hanami adventure continues as we take another whack at Tsukiji fish market, which we learned opens really early (3am) and closes really early (about 2pm). And we're there for only one thing: Tamagoyaki (grilled, sweetened egg)!

Yes, we went to Tsukiji for an egg dish. Oh well.

We also found strawberries (red AND white) for a fairly good price, and what's this? A WILD FAN APPEARS! Watch the video and find out what happens.

One thing that we knew, and kind of found out, is that Tsukiji market is moving! Apparently, it's moving because Tsukiji population (the amount of tourism, customers, and vendors) has outgrown its current location. Debates have sparked about its new location, which will be temporary while the current location is revamped to fit the new population, but it's causing some major backlash.


For lunch, we stop on by Akihabara because there is a Carl's Jr there! Yes, it's the westernized (literally) version of Hardee's, but we wanted a taste of home. It was well worth it.


Uneo Park is a very popular park in Tokyo, and being Hanami-season, it was busy! There were a lot of people there, and it was fairly busy, but we got through it. In fact, we visited Ueno Zoo, which is another video (because we had so much footage).

After the zoo, we explored the other side of the park (with the lake) and had some celebratory crepes from a Catbus. That's a whole story on it's own.

Okay, whew. That's a lot for today. On to Day 4: Bag shopping, Korean town, and the trip back.