Hanami in Tokyo - Day 4: Eevee, Shinjuku, and Korean Town!

Hanami in Tokyo - Day 4: Eevee, Shinjuku, and Korean Town!

Published on August 5 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: tours
Our Hanami trip comes to an end today, but not before we did some shopping in Tokyo. What did we get? Well, Keat got an Eevee from SkyTree and I got, well, not much. The penguin from yesterday's zoo trip was good for me. Additionally, the NHK Character Shop at SkyTree had some SAO stuff, but it didn't seem like a good idea to spend ¥2000 on a button, so I skipped it.


We made a quick stop by Harajuku to pick up a Fjallraven bag for Keat, but the location had closed down. After frustratingly trying to figure out if it had just moved, our research had taken us back to...


Yes, we were back in Shinjuku, again. But this time, we had found a location that sold Fjallraven bags: Odakyu, B1F. The Fjallraven bag was a little expensive (¥20,000 = $200), but if Keat says its worth it, then it's worth it. She should be doing a bag review in a month or so, so keep an eye out for that.


It may be hard to believe, but Japan does have a Korean Town (even though Korea is only a 3-hour flight from Narita). Shin-okubo is a cosy little town tucked away in the corner of Tokyo, but the amount of "Korean" stuff is a bit overwhelming, especially since 99% of the people speak Japanese. Talk about a culture shock. Aside from doing a bit of shopping, we stopped by 美楽味 (Miraku aji) for lunch, which was interesting, but good (eating jerk chicken on lettuce leaves was odd).

Afterwards, we got on the next train home and ended our stay in Tokyo for Hanami.

What's next on our list? Who knows! Comment below and let us know where we should go next!