Daytrip to Mito

Published on September 1 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: days
Keat had to attend some additional training in Mito on August 31 (our anniversary), I spend the time exploring the city.

This is my first time creating a "Day in the life" video, and I know the sound quality is a bit poor (we need to invest in a wind-ready microphone). My exploration includes the National Art Museum, a wonderful view of the river(s) in Mito, a few oddly shaped geese, bumming the wifi off of a 7-11, visiting a park near a construction site, and a few other things that I thought were interesting (like the fact that I FINALLY FOUND MOUNTAIN DEW!!!

I also upgraded from VSDC Video Editor to Vegas Pro for editing, and after learning how to use it on the fly, I think I like Vegas Pro for things like this.