Aki Matsuri Festival 2016

Aki Matsuri Festival 2016

Published on December 7 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: days
Okay, this is a little late to post, but it took a while to go through all of the footage - and there was a lot! (And I will go ahead and apologize for the loud background - we're saving up for some personal microphones, but that's still a few months away. Hey, help us out by supporting our Patreon and we can get those mics faster!)

We visited our local Aki Matsuri festival in Sawara (about a 15 minute train ride from us) for a few reasons. 1) To see what a "Aki Matsuri" was, and 2) To help celebrate fall and Japan together.

What happened when we got there? A lot. A lot more than we can show in a reasonable video.

First, there was a TON of food. Lots of vendors (that spanned many streets) were offering everything from cotton candy to takoyaki (octopus balls) to chocolate covered bananas to fried oreos and steak! There was a lot of good food, and we just couldn't try everything.

The biggest surprise was that so many places (restaurants, vendors, and others) were selling beer. I know it was a festival and all, but that stuff would be heavily regulated back in the states.

There were also plenty of vendors offering prizes - one specific prize was a "Lucky Box", where you pay ¥300 to pick a box, and you get the prize, whatever it is. I got a pink bear pencil pouch that I'm sending to one of my nieces for Christmas.

Overall, the whole town was transformed into a festival area, and there were a LOT of floats. I was expecting some kind of parade, but nope! These floats just went down the various streets and had musicians playing around them; no parade necessary.

It was pretty cool, and I wish that we could show the multiple-hour long amount of footage we got, but that'd probably make for a boring video. So until next time, enjoy!