Where's Niko? Narita!

Where's Niko? Narita!

Published on November 29 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: days
It's the 2nd round of our "Where's Niko" contest. This time, he was in a city that is very famous for a lot of things, including it's airport.

Here's the original promo video:

So where is he, and who won the contest? Niko was in Narita, which is one of the biggest international cities east of Tokyo. Narita is in Chiba prefecture (like us!), and most people know Narita because of it's airport. But there's more to Narita than just the airport!

In Narita, there's a neat shopping mall, lots of temples (including one we like to frequent), plenty of golf courses, a very busy train station (aside from the airport), and a whole lot more! We'll do a Narita tour soon, but for now, take our word that Narita is more than just the airport.

Contest rules and additional details can be found at japanoblog.com/wheres-niko if you have questions.

Where are we?

We're actually outside of a kaiten-zushi restaurant that we enjoyed in Narita. Watch our review video here!