When Will Kyle Leave?

When Will Kyle Leave?

Published on April 22 2016
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: days
The past week has been a rollercoaster. I applied to the same company Keat is working for, and I provisionally got the job! Yay!

The downside is that they want me out. Soon.

When I say "Soon", I mean potentially within a month. Yeah. A month. But the job they may have for me may not even work, because they are not sure yet.

So, here's what I'm facing, and my options:

Option 1

I can fly out in May, as they requested


  • Fly out sooner
  • Get a job near Keat


  • Cats have to stay in the US
  • Not enough time to sell everything

Option 1 may be great to get me out there sooner, but let's consider the other options.

Option 2

Fly out in August, as originally planned


  • Arrive during Keat's summer break
  • The cats' quarantine period is over, so they can fly out
  • Time for me to build up a financial buffer over the summer at the casino


  • Job may not be there, so I will either need to start halfway through a contract somewhere else, or find a new job

That looks better, but let's consider the next one

Option 3

I can fly out in...a year


  • Plenty of time to build up finances
  • More time to get organized and sell items
  • More time to find a joint apartment


  • Emotional stress with a long-distance relationship

That's where I am. All 3 options are possible, and each have their pros and cons. I'm leaning toward Option 2, but the company really wants me out there in May. So what am I to do?

Update as of May 2nd: After much planning, deliberation, discussion, and more, I have decided to stay with my original plan of leaving in August. Leaving in the middle of May just had too many unknowns, like whether or not I would actually have a job or not. Leaving in August will be better, because I will be able to build up our finances, run out the cats' quarantine period, and Keat will be able to move out of her apartment and we can find one for ourselves. A job may or may not happen, but at least I'm not locked down right now and available to options (including my Community College offering me online classes - hey, it's money!)

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