WTF is Eel Cola?

Published on October 14 2017
Posted by: Kyle
Segment: food
The trip to the Sawara Matsuri was quite fun, except for the on again/off again rain. We met up with some friends and got introduced to the new ALT, which was fun. However, the weather didn't make it fun.

While perusing through the various vendors and stands, I saw something labeled うなぎコラ (Unagi Cora = "Eel Cola") and had to try it. After a fumble with the vendor about the price (Soda was ¥150, but the Eel Cola was ¥300), I got it.

The weather wasn't good enough to film a reaction video, so we waited until we got home.

Was "Eel Cola" the hype it was supposed to be? Did it taste like eel? Was it worth $3? Watch and see my reaction, because it was certainly interesting!