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Published on December 10 2016
Posted by: Keat
Segment: comics
There are 3 types of students when it comes to speaking and teaching English here is Japan.
  1. You have the students that get it. These students can be in any grade, and they completely grasp what you are trying to teach them. Also, when trying to talk to these students outside of class, you can almost have a full conversation with them.
  2. You have the students that just don't get it. Now, I am going to sound slightly southern here, But bless their little hearts. Either they are trying and it's just not quite sticking, or they just don't give a rat's behind about learning English. The ones that don't care drive me the most crazy.
  3. You have the middle ground. These kids make up the majority of the student body. You get to watch them as they progressively get better through the school year. But, if you stay at the same school for more than a year, then you can watch them progress through the grades.

The first 2 categories of students are, generally, a small portion of the student body. And here is an interaction with a kid that can speak really good English.

So, two things to understand:
  1. This kid is in the 7th grade (1st year student in Junior High School), and
  2. Sarcasm does not exist here in Japan.
So this was a very interesting....and honest answer to my sarcastic question.