Apple Challenge

Apple Challenge

Published on November 4 2017
Posted by: Keat
Segment: food
We decided recently, what with it being autumn and all that jazz, that we were just going to buy some apples and try them out. First thing about apples, there is not the selection that you are going to see in America. Like, there isn't going to be an entire aisle just dedicated to apples. But that doesn't mean Japan doesn't eat any of the fruit, or even a liking to it. They just have a different price point for all of the fruit that they have. From the cheaper end, to the REALLY expensive stuff. I mean, just look at the price of their watermelons. Shudder

So, we decided for our first fruit that we were going to try out Keat's favorite, which is apples! I mean, who doesn't like apples? So, we went to our local grocery store and veggie stand to pick up the fruit. We picked up a 98 yen ($1.00) apple, a 130 yen ($1.30) yen apple, and a 198 yen ($2.00) apple to try out. What we were looking for when we were picking out the apples was a nice color, a tight skin, and a firm fruit when you gave it a little squish. So, the fruit was selected, and we took it home to do the taste test.

The Cheap Apple

Let's start with the 98 yen apple. It was slightly smaller then the other 2, and the color was not as bright as we would have liked. But the fruit itself fit the criteria that we had set forth for the challenge. When we cut it open, there was a larger seed area then I remember seeing in the other fruit, but the interior color was just how you think an apple should look. The taste reminded us very much of applesauce, or in Keat's case, a red delicious apple. But the taste was what you would think an apple should taste like. Out of a 5 star rating, we gave this one a 3/3.5. We definitely can't complain.

The Mid-range Apple

Now, onto the 130 yen apple. We purchased this one from a local vegetable vendor in Omigawa that I like to frequent from time to time. This one was bigger, and the color was a very bright red. It had a few blemishes on it, but those were mostly surface level and didn't affect the taste of it at all. It fit all the criteria that we were looking for, and the size was decently big. When we cut into the apple, the color was a bit brighter then the first one. It was closer to a white color. It was so pretty! The taste reminded me of a gala or pink lady apple from the states. It had a tarter taste, but it wasn’t ever whelming in the least. Out of 5, we gave this one a 4.5. A very good apple.

The Most Expensive Apple

Now, for the most expensive apple that we purchased from the same grocery store where we bought the first apple. This one was 198 yen, and had it's own little foam carrier! The Japanese use these so that the fruit won't bruise, but it looks like a lattice so that there is still airflow. This one had a deep red color, and was in the middle size wise. The interior color was till just as pretty as the other two, but the flavor wasn't there. It was way juicier, but you had to eat a few bites before you even got the taste of apple. And this is funny because there is a flavored water here in Japan that Keat likes. They have an apple flavor...that has MORE apple flavor then the apple itself.

Now, something to know about fruit here in Japan. The prices do look a bit high, and in relation to the prices in America, they are. But the Japanese do not exactly consume fruit like we do in the west. They also have this strange aversion to eating the skin of the fruit. I am not sure why....exactly. Though the apples did kind of have a waxy film on the skin that I couldn't quite rinse off. We don't know if that is put on the fruit, or if it grows that way. Oh well.

Either way, if you come to Japan, don't shy away from the fruit stands. They are still good for you, and are really tasty.