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Published on December 17 2016
Posted by: Keat
Segment: comics
Japan has earthquakes. Just gonna throw this out there in case you didn't know that. And they are just a normal part of life here. Now they don't happen every day (at least not the big one), but you can either get a cluster of them. Or just a stand-alone one.
Where we lived in NC, we weren't used to the ground shaking around us like that. Hurricanes (or Typhoons, as they are called in the Pacific) - yes. So this also means that our cats aren't used to the earth moving.
The first couple of earthquakes with them were kind of funny. And we say that because they (the quakes) weren't that big. So nothing happened to anyone.
If you have ever seen a picture of them, or have meet them in person, you know that Maru is a chubby baby. And I do mean "chubby". But that's just how he is. So when I was in Japan, and Kyle had stayed in America with the cats, we started joking about how Maru would be our earthquake detector. There are apps for your phones, messages sent out on the TV, and various other ways that Japan knows if there is an earthquake. And we do have an app on our phones. But there is still something so much better when you watch this guy jiggle than hearing a blaring alarm go off.
Okay, enough description. On to the comic: